Intuitive Development Training

Active Meditation Techniques™  are built exclusively for Intuitive Energy Medicine


Active Meditation™

Active Meditation Techniques™ provide integrative healing benefits by bringing the mind, body and spirit into alignment through vibration energy therapies designed to fit into your fast-paced modern lives.

Active Meditation Courses™ are designed to heal and maintain one’s own energy space and provide the confidence to create lifestyle changes for optimal health and wellness, while at the same time; elevating creativity and developing intuition.  Learn more about the Benefits of Active Meditation™.

 Clear Seeing Academy

" . . . the highest stage of consciousness; clear seeing!"  Danille Font

The Clear Seeing Academy™ (Intuition Energy Medicine™) is built on Active Meditation Techniques™.  By completing all Active Meditation Series™ satisfies the prerequisites for the Clear Seeing Academy™ Certification Training.  

This intensive 10 month program is designed to prepare students to be Intuitive Energy Consultants; Medical Intuitive's.  Many of Danille’s students have taken the advanced training to enhance their own careers and further self-development.

Graduate Seminars

Graduate seminars are designed for advanced students who have successfully completed both the Active Meditation Series™ and the Clear Seeing Academy™. 

Seminars are research-based in the area of Intuitive Energy Medicine.  They are scheduled throughout the year and include guest speakers.

"The only real valuable thing is intuition!"   Albert Einstein


eCourses are also Available

Please fill out Contact Information and additional information will be provided for in person, and Internet & Teleconference courses.  Workshops are also available!