Medicine that Focuses on your Energy and Spirit!™

Intuitive Energy Medicine is an integrative approach, concerned with bringing the mind, body, and spirit into alignment in order to preserve one's health and prosperity. 

Photo by Heidi Law

Photo by Heidi Law

"Mind, Body and Spirit Integration"

Therapeutic is the word I would choose to describe her extraordinary gifts!
— N. Morris, RN, Houston, Texas

Danille has the ability to locate those deeply imprinted blocks and not only make her clients aware of them, but actually move energy to release the negative imprinting accumulated from lifetime experiences.  Danille's clients say they feel lighter, happier, and more grounded after a session, referring to her as their "Intuitive, Health & Wellness Coach".



Danille’s mission is dedicated to assisting individuals, business, couples and families with increasing their levels of certainty, communication, and well-being. As an Intuition Medicine Practitioner; recognized by the California Board of Registered Nurses, and Certified Professional Health Coach, trained at Duke University of Integrative Medicine. Danille' specializes in guiding her clients through a subtle, yet extremely powerful process of becoming aware of their own energetic body fields. She then encourages them to ground in present-time experiences, clearing the path for her clients to live prosperous, creative, and fulfilled lives.


Intuitive Energy Medicine' partners with medical doctors and health foundations, by participating in medical research programs aimed at curing certain illness.  The emphasis is on the client; actively participating in their own healing for sustainable lifestyle behavior changes.