This is what clients say about Danille's sessions:

"Because of my experience with Danille for health coaching, I was very interested to try her Intuitive Energy Medicine session and was able to purchase an introduction package deal on her Etsy store for a personalized flower essence and a 30 minute phone energy session. The energy work was an amazing and enlightening experience. I felt so light and could feel her healing energy right thru the phone!  I love love the flower essence she created for me. I take that daily, and the lemongrass and sage perfume smells heavenly and just calms me down. 

Very recently in another energy session, Danille was able to warn me of a serious medical issue occurring in my abdomen area. I scheduled an appointment with my doctor and the routine blood test showed abnormally high liver levels and my doctor told me I was lucky I came in when I did, as I would have ended up in the hospital. My liver wasn't functioning normally due to gallstones in my bile duct.  It took lots of blood tests, a sonogram and a MRI to show what was wrong. Danille could see something was wrong very easily and I'm completely grateful to her and for her amazing gifts."

"She's my angel who I call upon very often."  : )

Joanne B., Financial Controller

"My session with Danille was not what I anticipated.  Her soothing energy was healing; I left feeling grounded, positive and enlighten.  It is truly amazing to feel her balance the energy that flows through your body and I would describe it as "cleansing".

It also amazing how Danille help with physical pain.  My physical pain, due to pregnancy, has diminished tremendously and she was able to give me insight to the little man I have been carrying inside me!  Our family is ready and excited for the future and she has helped me let go of worries and where to focus our energy."

"Thank you!  We can't wait to work with you more".

E Passalacqua Sherod, Dental Hygienist
Sonoma County

To shine energetically is always better than to reflect!

“My father became short of breath and fatigued.  As a RN myself, I knew with his cardiac history that my dad needed a thorough evaluation of his arteries and valves.  My father’s physician was convinced that he needed another open heart surgery for valve repair.  I was really stressed by such diagnoses (my blood pressure was high) and thought that Danille could reduce both our anxiety.

“Ironically, she was able to tell me the exact location of a small distal blockage found in my father’s artery (confirmed by angiogram) that was causing his problems.  Gratefully, my father did NOT need open heart surgery at the age of 83 years old, with adjusting his medications; my father’s health improved and has return to his normal self.  I found it to be incredible that Danille was able to tune into my father, help his energy and describe what was later found on the angiogram.  Danille continues to blow me away by her accuracy and intuition.  Therapeutic is the word I would choose to describe her extraordinary gifts!”

N. Morris, RN
Houston, Texas


"Golden!  My life is transformed with the work I do with Danille.  I feel such love and inspiration fallowing our sessions that provides me with the tools to create positive transformations for myself and the world around me."

J. Hunt, Nutritionist
Sebastopol, California


“Danille's work is inspiring, enlightening, honest, and helpful. She has a beautiful, calm, present and positive energy which radiates from her and infuses who she's working with.  She has a keen ability to find what's blocking you and help you move forward in a positive way.  I always leave her sessions feeling lighter, happier, empowered, calmer, and brighter.”

K. Mitchell, Actress, Emmy Award Nomination: HER STORY.
Los Angeles, California

Facilitate your personal growth and accelerate your own healing energies.

“One of the many things that I really appreciate about seeing Danille is no matter how out of sorts I feel, I am always peaceful and grounded after each session.  I am reminded of how much more enjoyable life can be when you are present to who you really are without the psychic baggage that can sometimes accumulate along the way.  A session with Danille is like going to the Spiritual Spa!

In addition, I’ve been feeling great and food tastes different to me.  I am getting fuller quicker and my cravings aren’t taking over me.  They just totally went away!”  Thank You!"

B. Hughes, Data Manager
Newport Beach, California


“Let me just say, I am a true believer in what Danille offers & delivers!   She broke everything down for me and made me feel at ease, then dove right into what was on my mind and got into such details, my emotions got the best of me.  I let everything holding me back go and the reading was so amazing, it left me feeling 30 pounds lighter.  I left renewed and she left me wanting more.  I have recommended her services to many of my friends and each one has come back to me to thank me for bring Danille into their lives.”

N. Reid, Graphic Designer & Marketing
Long Beach, California

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“I am speechless - there are no words for me to describe the profound experience and the healing that takes place for me and my family.”

K. Colombi, Technical Support Analyst


“I made an appointment with Danille during a time when I was making a few large decisions in my life.  She really helped me move forward in a positive way.  She didn't tell me what to do.  She simply brought to light several positive things for me to focus on.  Looking back now, I can honestly see that "where" she was suggesting I focus was the correct place to pour my energy.  I am quite happy with several decisions I made during that time and I cannot wait to see Danille again for further direction.

“In addition, I was struck by how remarkable I felt after our first session of extensive energy balancing.  I have not felt that good physically for close to a year prior.  I would recommend her to anyone!”

T. Shields, Interior Designer
Meridian, Mississippi

Medicine that focuses on your energy and spirit . . . !

"Ms. Font is a talented intuitive counselor.  She has shown her medical diagnostic abilities (Intuition Medicine)  numerous times with uncanny accuracy.  Through meditation and education she is able to improve the health of her clients."

Dr. Allsworth, M.D., D.O.


“Your readings always feel "right on" and very insightful.  In addition, I appreciate your kind spirit, directness and humor as well.  The many sessions you have done for me have validated my own inner experience and feelings.  This has helped me to focus my energy, gain clarity to move forward in my life in beneficial and uplifting ways, especially when I have been uncertain of the next step to take.

“I'm also grateful for the group reading you did for the women in my family-very healing.  It brought us together to be more supportive of one another and to help strengthen our connections.  Also, your flower essence remedies have been wonderful support with integrating the healing process-very calming and uplifting.  Thanks for all of your loving support and sharing your gifts as an intuitive healer!”

Y. Simone, CMT
Sonoma County,


"She is a pioneer in her field because she doesn't just read her clients, she heals them!"

J. Frandsen, M.A., Marriage & Family Therapist
Santa Barbara, California


“Nancy said you are better than her therapist!!  She is feeling so much better about things.  In addition, your aura cleanse does wonders; I feel amazing! And my mo-jo has been off the charts since we worked on prosperity!”

N. Morris, Concierge
West Hollywood,

It takes courage to change ones’ fate!

“I have been to Danille for several sessions and I have to say she is not only an amazing intuitive, but also a truly gifted healer.  Every time I worked with her, I felt a difference in my body-the work is deep and impactful.  At one point I was afflicted with a mysterious illness doctors could not diagnose.  I had several blood tests done and to no avail they could not pin point what was happening.  But after one session with Danille, I witnessed a big shift.  Whatever was happening, Danille was able to address the imbalance in my body and the healing process began.  I really believe Danille has a special gift.  If you are lucky enough to experience her gift, you will see positive changes in your body, mind and spirit.”

G. Flynn, Sales Manager
Los Angeles,


"Over and over again, I have found myself repeating the same negative scenarios at work, but Danille was able to clear out the energy and bring awareness to the source of these self-sabotaging patterns.  Now, looking back at our sessions, it is so incredibly amazing to see the transformation and the dramatic shift that has occurred.  And it is such a relief!  So much of my life has been freed up as a result!  At the rate I was going on my own, it could have taken me a decade to get to the same place I did with Danille's help!"  

E. Hughes, Administrative Assistant
City of Orange, California


"Your work goes further than putting the intention out there in therapy or in circle - my heart and chest feel instantly clearer, more free.  How can you quickly make sustainable changes that usually take much longer with traditional therapy?"

J.T., Psychologist 
Orange County, California