Symbolism within Website Graphics

"The soul never thinks without a picture."



The Ocean:  The ocean is a symbol of having a powerful life, strength, truth and the duality of balanced energies within life (as in the ying and the yang).  These dualities may take form in the mind - our subconscious and unconscious awareness - that awakens us to an auspicious (heaven-sent, well-timed, full of promise, favorable) understanding of Self and intuition.  The ocean is ever changing and mysterious, challenging our spirit to stay in the present-time – there is never a dull moment when it comes to life’s challenges!

Sand Dollar:  Christ is said to have left this symbol behind to represent the teachings of faith (Christianity and the New Testament).  The five holes represent the wounds inflicted onto Jesus while he was being crucified.  The back side of a sand dollar symbolizes the Easter Lily, the star of Bethlehem, and the Trinity. 

String Theory of Everything (New View of the Universe):  Combining known theories, unification within Science into one, the "Theory of Everything."  The Universe is made up of small vibrating energies called Strings.  This is like the vibrational sound of energy that is produced when a string instrument, such as the violin, is played.  We may hear and feel the sounds if we are in close proximity of the instrument being played.  These vibrational energies appear at the tiniest scale (energy); invisible to the naked-eye and virtually penetrating through all matter within the Universe.  These vibrational strings of energy are being confirmed by complex mathematics, which describe new dimensions that I like to refer to as advanced spirituality.  We are moving beyond our known realities. For example, how we have been traditionally describing our world (also confirmed by mathematics and illustrated within the arts), which is based on what we can see in terms of the 1st dimension (one-point perspective), 2nd dimension (two-point perspective, 2D) , and 3rd dimension (three-point perspective, 3D).  And now, we are moving our consciousness into the 4th dimension and beyond, advanced spirituality made up of "pure energy" -  altering our current realities!

". . . the highest stage of consciousness; clear seeing!
Intuitive Energy Medicine, by Danille M. Font, M.F.A., M.I.M.



Lotus Blossoms (water lilies) :  The Lotus flowers became a metaphor for wonder and evanescence of life, ephemeral and rebirth, because the lotus blossoms for only 8-10 hours.  In Buddhism the lotus represents spiritual awaking.  The white lotus represents purity and spiritual perfection, and the pink lotus is the supreme lotus of Buddha: Enlightenment.  In Egyptian culture, the lotus came to symbolize the sun and creation. Within Hinduism, it represents beauty, fertility, prosperity, spirituality, and eternity. 



Hummingbird:  Hummingbirds have amazing symbolism, because they can stop time metaphorically or move backwards in time.  These small creatures remind us that we can reflect in the past, yet move forward with ease and savor each moment, while drinking from the nectar of life.  They also flutter within an infinity symbol pattern, solidifying freedom from limitations and ultimate prosperity.  Hummingbirds are nature’s true divas who show us the medical properties of plants and blossoms. They teach us how these energies flow through us by opening our hearts to true love, joy, and beauty.



Rabbit:  The Rabbit is associated primarily with abundance, and is closely tied to Mother Earth, (burrowing deep within her womb), fertility, everlasting abundance, and longevity.  The rabbit symbolizes the lunar cycles and is found within the full moon surface.  Gazed from Earth, an image of the rabbit holding an Easter Basket can be found (give it try).  Even during the onset of the Christian, the rabbit represented good luck (for example the "lucky rabbit’s foot").  The rabbit surrounded by daises is a symbol of childhood innocence.



Butterfly:  The butterfly is considered a miracle of transformation, the resurrection of the soul, and  metamorphosis throughout the multiple stages of our lifeA dancing butterfly represents sensitivity to the energies around us and the creation of pure bliss and joy for life.