Intuitive Energy Medicine

Part 2:

A clock is an illusion of linear time that we all subscribe too, in terms of how we keep time on this planet.  "Ultimately linear times comes down to this: Immorality (first comes life, then death)."  Another way to explain the same perception within science is to consider that energy cannot be created nor destroyed by ordinary means, but that it can be converted from one form to another, “physical to spiritual!”   This event happens when we die and immortality becomes a reality, because our soul departs the physical body.

Entering the 5th dimension and beyond, quantum physics demonstrates that we are not bound only by the 4th dimension; the illusion of linear fabric of space or time interwoven.  Events can also be explained in reverse order within the Law of Physics.  As a personal example, I had shingles throughout my late 20’s and early 30’s, but I never had chicken pox as a child.  As an adult (34 years old), living in Berlin, Germany as a guest professor, teaching at technical university of computer science, I came down with a sever case of chicken pox.  This was not characteristic within the medical fields of diagnoses-chicken pox first, then shingles.  In my case, a random event was explained in reverse order.  In addition, events can also be explained in future order.  For example 70% of our population has at one time or another experienced Déjà vu (perceiving future events before they happen).

Our perception of time and space is changing especially with the aid of new technologies.  Physicists find no need to distinguish between past, present and future because they are happening simultaneously.  Instead, they are describing a parallel or multi-universe, where events are happening all at once.  Sounds bizarre – but once you are trained consciously to vibrate your invisible energy fields at different healing frequencies, it makes sense.  Occupying all quantum states simultaneously within the universe, Universal Energy, you are truly in present-time-energy.


". . . the highest stage of consciousness; clear seeing!
By Danille M. Font, M.F.A., M.I.M.
Intuitive Energy Medicine