Photo by Heidi Law

Photo by Heidi Law

"Couples Consultations are also Available"

Intuition Energy Medicine consist of balancing your energy fields and extensive energy circuits located within or around your physical anatomy.  By balancing your healing energies, Danille assists you in the process of receiving answers to solve problems, which in turn accelerates your personal growth.

Often individuals or couples will schedule a session to explore the following topics: relationships, career, business, transitions, home, health, grief (death or dying), pets, creativity and abundance.  Each sessions is approximately one hour, with the last 15 minutes designated for client’s questions.

Lifestyle Medicine focus is based on "Personalized Health Planning", which reflect your current health needs. The emphasis is on evidence-based and scientific research in disease prevention or intervention, education and health optimization.  

How does Health Coaching Work?  Through the uses of deep listening, inquiry, and accountability, Danille will partner with you to realize and create your optimal health vision based on your personal values, goals, strengths and life purpose.  

I had a favorable outcome; I was able to lose weight, get my A1C to 7 from 14”.
— V. Brooks, New Orleans, LA.

Who benefits from Health Coaching?  Whether your desire is to lose weight, stop smoking, exercise more, reach better nutritional goals, reduce stress in your personal-professional lives, or address disease prevention or intervention then an integrative approach will support you! 

  • By Fee Arrangement: 3 to 6 month packages.

A session with Danille is like going to a Spiritual Spa!
— B. Hughes, Data Manager, Newport Beach, CA.


  • Sessions:  Are by appointments only.  Days, evenings and weekend appointments available.
  • Method of Payments:  Credit cards, check or cash.  "Gift Certificates available!"
  • Yes, all consultations are confidential.
  • Why - The Word Intuition (Intuitive)?  Because it "Literally means learning from within and beyond the 5 senses"
  • IEM is not a replacement for medical treatment or consultations with medical professionals.  If you have a serious medical or mental health condition you should seek the advice and treatment of a licensed physician.  My clients have found Intuitive Energy Medicine to be beneficial, like other forms of holistic and integrative whole body approaches to medicine.
  • Integrative Medicine mean in your practice? A holistic approach by combining Western and Eastern healing modalities in treating the mindbody and spirit (the soul), while addressing the underlying causes rather than the symptons.  
She is a pioneer in her field, because she doesn’t just read her clients, she heals them!
— J. Frandsen, M.A., Marriage & Family Therapist
Photo by Julianne Flora-Tostado   Flower Essence of Lotus:   open and expansive spirituality, meditative shift towards intuitive insight and synthesis.

Photo by Julianne Flora-Tostado

Flower Essence of Lotus:  open and expansive spirituality, meditative shift towards intuitive insight and synthesis.