Summer Solstice 2013

Earth Energy Healing:

A few times per year, a group of my intuitive friends will get together to perform a sort of energetic “State of the Union” for what is going on in the world. Most of us have received our professional intuitive energy training together, so it is a nice way to reconnect, compare notes, and continue to grow as healers. So, with the Summer Solstice occurring, we decided to gather for such a session and perform an Earth Energy Healing. 

Since we are all located throughout the country, we decided to hold the conference session over the phone (and for those of you who wonder if this is possible, yes it is- just try one of my phone readings!). My colleagues and I were looking at the energy of the Earth through the end of 2013, scanning in real time through what we were sensing in our respective corners. As you can imagine, some very interesting things came up . . . 

One of the major issues that all members of the panel noticed was the increased level of foundational shifts in the Earth. Although the West Coast in particular is known for its earthquakes, there is a significant increase in smaller tremors. We saw an increase in magma activity located just below the ocean floor (not far off from coastline), adding to the existing Global Warming issue of ocean temperatures rising. Basically, there is a lot going on below that is affecting those residing on the surface.

For individuals living in the West Coast area, this may make it more difficult to feel secure and grounded in one's body, especially in the L.A. area. Whether or not you are conscious of it, the earth is moving below your feet, which can result in a feeling much like that of motion-sickness. My mother, who since I was little would point out that ants would surface out of our house foundation and cracks just before an earthquake, has reported that she has never experienced such a high volume of ant activity.  In all of her 50+ years of living in L.A., this is the most active year (for tremors) she has ever experienced!  

As we all are aware the whole Earth is experiencing extreme and unpredictable weather changes. Even Europe has reported record high tornado activity for the month of March.  *We all agreed on the panel that come November (early fall) possibly within our own borders, there may be some form of Earth changes (weather induce), and political/economic shifts all coinciding.  

No matter where you live, no matter what shifts may come up, the best plan is to be prepared and continue to stay connected to the Earth’s Healing Energy . . . and support her with her evolution (she is experiencing growing pains, as a child would go through).  As long as we recognize and honor her shifts, we will be safe even in the most tragic scenario. Please do your part to honor our planet that we live on!  No matter how big or small your contribution, the point is to keep her in your thoughts and respect all that she provides.

*Super Typhoon Haiyan: is being consider the strongest storm in World History.  The strongest intensity of this storm was recorded on November 7th, when it made landfall in the Philippines.  I was seeing a large, ominous-dark-wave (reported storm surge reaching 23 feet) hitting the coastline during our group session.


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