Intuitive Energy Medicine

Welcome to the New Year and the launching of my website, INTUITIVE ENERGY MEDICINE!

As an intuitive, I am able to perceive a person's "energy” and interpret the meaning, while bringing the mind, body and spirit back into balance (read testimonies), because our body, on the tiniest scale, is comprised of energy.  Physicists report that our physical body has more particles than all the stars in the universe.  Particles are excitations of quantum fields, creating an endless opportunity for research within different disciplines, (ex. science, medical, and the arts), and are simulated in today's new-media technology uses by combining several real time communications technologies  (invisible exchange of energy) into one wireless handheld device - the cell phone.  Some additional examples include: Bluetooth (exchange secure information between handheld and computer devices), the Internet; Instant Messaging (e-mail/text messaging); Multimedia Messaging (digital video/camcorder & music/MusicID); GPS and gaming technologies.  Physics, along with other disciplines, is now subscribing to the "Theory of Everything" a new view of the Universe.

String Theory combines multiple theories into one, "Theory of Everything."   The Universe is made up of small vibrating energies called Strings.  This is like the vibrational sound of energy that is produced when a string instrument, such as the violin, is played.  We may hear and feel the sounds if we are in close proximity of the instrument being played.  These vibrational energies appear at the tiniest scale (energy), and are invisible to the naked eye, virtually penetrating through all matter within the Universe.  These vibrational strings of energy are being confirmed by complex mathematics, which describe new dimensions that I like to refer to as Advanced Spirituality.  We are moving beyond our known realities.  For example, how we have been traditionally describing our world (also confirmed by mathematics and illustrated within the arts), which is based on what we can see in terms of the 1st dimension (one-point perspective), 2nd dimension (two-point perspective, 2D), and 3rd dimension (three-point perspective, 3D) and 4th dimension (time and space interwoven together, 4D).  An example of the 4th dimension is today's 3D television technology or the uses of 3D special effects, where objects appear three dimensional and moving in linear space (time-based media) frame by frame as in a film strip, however only in one direction start to finish.

Now, we are moving our consciousness into the 5th dimension and beyond, Advance Spirituality; made-up of "pure energy" - altering our current realities!  To be continued!

". . . the highest stage of consciousness; clear seeing!
By Danille M. Font, M.F.A., M.I.M.
Intuitive Energy Medicine